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Why are software development task estimations are off by an factor of 2-3?
A Quora answer who uses an anedote to explain why task estimations in some cases doesn't correspond to reality. Also, there's this wikipedia article about the Statistical Similarity and Fractional Dimension from Benoît Mendelbrot.
Hours are bullshit
Great blog post from Zach Holman (Github) about why fixed working hours are bullshit and why they kill the creativity. Also, read the other 2 blog posts: Be Asynchronous and Creativity is Important
Creative people say NO
Interesting reading about why saying NO is as important as saying yes in your life. "“No” makes us aloof, boring, impolite, unfriendly, selfish, anti-social, uncaring, lonely and an arsenal of other insults. But “no” is the button that keeps us on."